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Örhängen Hillii Hoops - Vit

Örhängen Hillii Hoops - Vit

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Earrings created with inspiration from a chaotic snowstorm. A pair of chunky hoops that are embroidered by hand with various white beads. Although the earrings are thick, they are light and do not weigh heavily in the ear when you wear them. The earrings are handmade in Gothenburg.

The earrings are made to order and shipped within a week.

Materials: Metal parts in stainless steel (nickel-free), beads made of glass and acrylic

Size: Ø 3 cm, thickness 1.2 cm

Weight: One earring weighs 3.5 g


In order for your earrings to last a long time, it is important that you take care of them:

  • Do not shower or bathe with your earrings and do not store them in the bathroom
  • Gently wipe with a damp cloth to remove makeup or other dirt from your earrings
  • Avoid leaving your earrings in direct sunlight
  • Don't sleep with your earrings on
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